Unto The Night

Unto The Night
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Farthermost Dream (Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry)Illusions In Shadow (Flash Fiction)

Illusions In Shadow

Fiction Bound By Dreams

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger A book of flash fiction daring the momentum of a classic. A world of dreams and elusive spells of wonder combined to create a birth in the imagination of the reader. Shadows and light, the brilliance of the sun and the cool respite of the moon, strange asylums and whispering danger......what comes next? The answer is you, the reader, the explorer of distant horizons and magic drama. These are the elements of Illusion in Shadow. Available at Createspace.com/3953158 for $7.99



Farthermost Dream

Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger A book of Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry designed to take the reader to distant horizons. Explore the red sands of Mars, travel to the distant reaches of the universe. Go to the next Earth and find exotic adventure. Come imagine wolves and kings in worlds of fantasy. Take a trip to the rings of saturn through measures of passion for the far reaches of the galaxy. Rocket ships and twilight horizons, time travel and dark shadows, aliens and the settlers who make their way on new unexplored worlds, this is the essence of Farthermost Dream.
Available at Createspace.com/3948018 for $7.99.

Passionate Tempest

Poetry Hastening Delicate Desires

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger Loves are lost and gained in the whisper of a moment. The union of soul and love, the divinity of what passion and torrents of romance bring, anew with the rebirth of nacent desires, in the whole of sesation and lovelorn consent , the veil of feeling and gentle kisses with the eager essence of asylum, These are the elements of Passionate Tempest......in moments of darkness, a sudden eye for the bidden affections of those who declare the need for Flaming passion and desire's emerging birth. Available at Createspace.com/3961006 for $7.99


  Dark Poetry

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger A book of dark poetry for the late hours of the night. Pull the covers tight and light a candle. The world in an evening sky at the edge of twilight, this is poetry for the lost, the wandering, the denizen of late night haunt. Imagine flickering lights, full moons in orange spears of light, the lonely call of the wolf at night or a raven's caw, this is the substance of Twilight-Tide.  $7.99 at Amazon.com.

Horror Rush

Horror Stories in Shadowy Light

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger A Book Of Horror fiction for the late hours of the night. Imagine the shadows in dreams of frightening contemplation, imagine a world of light and moonshine illusion, imagine fear at it's best. Pull up a chair and get the candles burning because Horror Rush will set you on edge and thrill you to the core of your soul. These stories were written with the horror enthusiast in mind. The darkness never looked so appealing. $7.99 at Amazon.com/Ron Koppelberger.

A Butterfly Whispers

Surreal Poetry

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger
Cover design or artwork by Ron W Koppelberger
A book of waking dreams. A world of illusion and dreams, a world of whispers and gentle song is what this poetry encompases. The sun bidden by the twilights horizon and the edge of a long day waiting for the first breath of eternity. Dreams and surreal imagery fill this book with the hopes and promises of a new day. A Butterfly Whispers will take you to the place you want to be. $6.99 at Amazon.com/Ron Koppelberger.

Raven's Blood

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger A Book of dark and dreamlike poetry. Imagine a world of dreams. Imagine a world where shadow and light combine to create an image painted in whispers, in silent contemplation, in dreams of what is and what has been. Imagine a selection of dark poetry that stirs the soul and captures the innermost wont of our desires and aspirations. Raven's Blood is a collection of poetry created in hours of silent contemplation and wonder. Come imagine the world in half-lit splendor and often with just a touch of fear.  $5.99 at amazon.com/Ron Koppelberger.

The Light In Snake Fuss

Short Fiction

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger A book of dark and sometimes light short fiction. Written with a flair for the poetic and the mysterious. The world of illusion and the world of shadow sometimes merge to form a picture. Painted in hues of sunshine and moolight this collection will stir your soul and give you cause to wonder. The arcane and the new, the unbidden and the bidden this is a fresh collection of thoughts and stories from Ron Koppelberger.  $6.99 at Amazon.com/Ron Koppelberger.

Saffron Mirage

Surreal Flash Fiction

Authored by Ron W Koppelberger A Book of surreal Flash Fiction. A mixture of dreams for every occasion. Tales of adventure and horror and everyday existence all in one. Stories with a surreal slant and an eye for the unusual. A bright sky lit by the candent glow of the sun and the half-light of the moon. 50 stories for the curious and the wandering. $7.99 at Amazon.com/3939904

All Books Available at The Kindle Store.

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