Unto The Night

Unto The Night
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ron Koppelberger
Pigeon Haversack
Worrying in scoffs of rambling gall the ingenuity of his spirit traveled by that resource and Haversack. He had plead for the patience, pregnant in relation to the Haversack. A Bartered poise, a compromise with the angels of Florida, the clutch of unbroken Chameleon and pigeon haversack. It was a consecrated outfit of resolute soul, a tranquil dialogue in fragile sacrifice and awareness, an enchanting hold, a divine envelope for the substance of salvation. It contained the mystery of a thousand tales and countless adventures. It was a journey between cabalistic vamp and restorative waters, a pigeon haversack full of sparrow brilliance and nightingale dreams.
The purveyor of dance and flirtatious fortune, assured and postmarked in care of avatars and providence, a fray done in human respite. Perhaps it was an unbound albatross, not an albatross but a moment of fate defined by luck or free will, a beacon of evidenced miracle. The secret haversack in pigeon posture and honey dew savor, signed by the blood of kinship with trust and the spirits journey in the pigeon haversack.

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